30 August 2010

Moving to http://six-weeks-of-halloween.blogspot.com/

I seem to have lost that chronocinethon energy I used to have (kids'll do that to you), so I'm closing up shop here.

Sean, thank you for your contributions.  Thanks also to the readers who were kind enough to post comments: Zack, Mark, gammer73...

Yet, Six Weeks of Halloween will live on.  Three weeks from today, join me at my new blog for my annual 42-day celebration of my favorite holiday.

18 August 2010

Guest OLR: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

A super-fast and exciting action comedy built entirely on late 80's/early 90's nerd service that sorta loses its fight-scene metaphor sharpness in the last act. (8/10)

d. Edgar Wright

17 July 2010

Guest OLR: Inception (2010)

I came. (9/10)

d. Christopher Nolan

10 May 2010

Guest OLR: Yattaman (2009)

Miike has officially gone certifiably insane, and it's great. (7/10)

d. Takashi Miike

Guest OLR: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Sadly, the best part was seeing the newest Inception trailer beforehand. (6/10)

d. Jon Favreau

03 May 2010

OLR: The Aristocrats (2005)

The cursory glance at the boundary-crossing, taboo-breaking nature of the joke should've been the focus of the whole film; instead, we get 88 minutes of boringly similar scatological jokes from two dozen comedians. (4/10)

d. Paul Provenza

30 April 2010

OLR: They Bite (1996)

A little too draggy to be a truly great bad movie. (6/10)

d. Brett Piper

OLR: D.C. Cab (1983)

Dumb fun with a nicely insane Gary Busey, angry-good-hearted Mr. T and a young, goofy-lookin' Adam Baldwin. (7/10)

d. Joel Schumacher

OLR: Killdozer (1974)

Nothing like watching a cheezy TV movie about an improbably intelligent bulldozer on lazy afternoon. (6/10)

d. Jerry London

22 April 2010

OLR: The Mack (1973)

Yes, the pimp outfits and Players' Ball and huge Cadillacs were awesome, but a tighter story would've been nice, too. (6/10)

d. Michael Campus

20 April 2010

OLR: The Slammin' Salmon (2009)

Michael Clarke Duncan is hilarious, but the film lacks the spark of zaniness found in previous BL movies. (6/10)

d. Kevin Heffernan

18 April 2010

OLR: Step Brothers (2008)

Quoted all the following day between a friend and I after watching it late the night before. (8/10)

d. Adam McKay

Guest OLR: Pandorum (2009)

Hollywood's response to Eden Log; unstable plot, poor creature design, style run-amok, shitty ending, whole thing just makes you wish you were playing Dead Space instead, etc. (5/10)

d. Christian Alvart

16 April 2010

OLR: The Great White Hype (1996)

There's actually a few deeper thoughts on racism in here than I'd've thought. (6/10)

d. Reginald Hudlin

12 April 2010

OLR: Tyson (2008)

You would think 90 minutes of Tyson talking about himself might not make for a good documentary, but you'd be wrong. (7/10)

d. James Toback