13 August 2004

Cronenberg (1999-2002)

1999 - eXistenZ - Virtual reality infused with a dose of Cronenbergian surrealism -- that's the future of gaming I want to see. A human teeth-shooting gun made from the amalgamated bones of mutant amphibians taken from a dinner special in a restaurant is just about the coolest idea ever. The movie makes much more sense to me now that I've read a bit on existentialism.

2000 - Camera - Cute commentary on aging in the movie biz. From the eyes of an old actor, the energetic crew on a set must, indeed, look like children. Apparently, Cronenberg worries about aging these days.

2002 - Spider - Very, very subtle. Typically, a movie like this would be an energetic mind-screwer, bouncing from one point of view to another. Instead, it took me a beat to notice when Mrs. Wilkinson changed into Spider's mother, and a very long time to notice that his mother and the tart were played by the same actress. An incredibly interesting portrayal of schizophrenia from Cronenberg and Fiennes.

That's it! All finished. I'm now positive that Cronenberg is my all-time favorite director. I can definitely see a progression in his skill at his craft over the years. I'll be very interested to see what he does with A History of Violence. The comic was a good read, but I cannot imagine it as a Cronenberg movie. I wonder how his personality will shine through?

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