05 February 2005

Verhoeven (1985)

1985 - Flesh + Blood - An un-Hollywood Middle Ages, filled with grime, violence and plague. A chopped up, plague-infested dog as a weapon… not something you see every day. I liked the moral ambiguity of everyone in the movie; there wasn't really a set of "good guys" and "bad guys." Even the almost-obvious pure "good guy" Steven kills women and children with the aforementioned plague dog. However, Verhoeven's shooting of the battle scenes didn't energize me. Those could've been done better, I think.

1985 - The Hitchhiker: "Last Scene" - An above-average episode of a horror anthology series. This is the closest to the horror genre Verhoeven's ever gotten, and he didn't do a bad job. Surreal and well-constructed, with a nicely spooky "psycho-in-a-mask-making-threatening-phone calls" character.

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