16 April 2005

Barker (1990-1995)

1990 - Nightbreed - Tasty, but lacking flesh. It's too bad Barker hasn't found the missing footage in order to construct the long-awaited director's cut of this film. As it is, themes and plotlines fly by a little too fast. Decker's obsession with destroying breeders of all sorts, the 'breed prophecy, and, especially, the 'breed themselves are all given too little screen time. However, Peloquin's still one of my all-time favorite movie characters.

1995 - Lord of Illusions - Slightly better than average. In the end, Harry vanquishes the evil, as expected, and gets the girl, as expected; there really wasn't much Barker flavor in the film. The closest we got to Cenobites or Tribes of Moon in Lord of Illusions was probably Nix's binding mask. The movie would've been more interesting, I think, if Harry's noir factor had been kicked up several notches.

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