07 September 2005

Coscarelli (1989-1993)

1989 - Survival Quest - Beautiful scenery, but nothing terribly special. Lance Hendrickson, as always, does a bang-up job as the Survival Quest master. He's essentially the Mr. Miyagi to his group's Daniel. Their rivals, the military boot camp sharing their woods, are essentially the Cobra Kai dojo. Similar lessons are learned. Also: man, Catherine Keener has aged very well since this.

1993 - Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead - Not as annoyingly goofy as I'd remembered. Clearly, Coscarelli is a fan of Sam Raimi. I think he was going for the Evil Dead 2 style of horror-humor in this one. Doesn't stray too much from the path P2 blazed; it's a road trip movie with a mausoleum. However, we're thrown some juicy info concerning the Tall Man and his interest in Mike. A satisfying Phantasm film.

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