01 February 2006


Welcome to the Home of the Chronocinethon! What's a chronocinethon? It's a made-up word. It describes the process in which I collect all of a director's movies, then watch them all in chronological order. That way, I can marvel at his intellectual growth throughout the years... or lack thereof.

I've just transferred my mini-reviews and all of my collection lists from my old homepage and several old IMDB threads.

In February, I should be starting my next Chronocinethon, which will be chosen from the "Future Chronocinethons" section over there on the left. After watching a night's worth of films, I'll write up mini-reviews for them and post them here. It's not much, but it keeps me amused.

Right now, I'm thinking it might be Alfred Hitchcock time. I've been wanting to tear into his films for a year now, but I needed to complete my collection. Although, I should buy one of those field sequential 3D setups, so I can watch Dial M for Murder in its proper, 3D format (thanks, 3d geek!).