25 June 2007

Tarantino & Rodriguez (addendum)

1995 - Four Rooms
"The Missing Ingredient" (directed by Allison Anders) - I enjoyed this one more than I used to (something I can also say for the entire movie). While a coven of female witches questing for sperm doesn't exactly ring true, it's all in good fun. Cartoony magic, a pretty topless girl with cherries in her hair and a resurrected goddess make for an entertaining into to the anthology. And, remember when Madonna was a kitschy actress who'd show up in random movies? Good times.

"The Wrong Man" (directed by Alexandre Rockwell) - For some reason, this segment's my favorite. Goofy noir. I particularly like Ted's speech about how he hates the name Theodore ("Pretty soon Theodore becomes 'Theo the Thumper'..."). His excuse, delivered perfectly by Tim Roth, for sitting on Angela's lap is also priceless: "I was just trying to help her breathe a little."

"The Misbehavers" (directed by Robert Rodriguez)

"The Man from Hollywood" (directed by Quentin Tarantino)