31 December 2008

OLR: Death Proof (2007)

The theme music, Stuntman Mike, the car stunts and the girls kicking ass at the end were properly grindhousey, but the endless yapping in the in-between parts dragged the whole movie away from that intended theme. (7/10)

d. Quentin Tarantino

[Also watched the trailers for Werewolf Women of the SS, Don't and Thanksgiving, plus the ad for the Acuña Boys restaurant. For reasons no one can fathom, these are missing from the American DVD and BD releases. I had to rip them from the expensive, 6-disc Japanese DVD set so that I could have a proper Grindhouse double-feature tonight. While Nicolas Cage is inspired casting for Fu Manchu in WWotSS, the spot-on slasher trailer Thanksgiving is the winner in this batch.]

[That makes an even 222 movies for the year 2008.]