04 September 2007

Star Trek: TOS 1.23: "A Taste of Armageddon"

Quite possibly, this might be the specific incident -- out of many on Kirk's watch alone -- that got the Federation to think up the Prime Directive. The sad thing is, if the first person on the planet that Kirk encountered had not been a hot chick, I don't think he would've cared enough to destroy 500 years worth of culture.

What I thought might have been a nifty conclusion to the story, instead of blowing up the war computers, would've been to hack them. Make the computers on both planets declare that every single person has been killed in a virtual attack. What would they do then? Would every single person march into a disintegration chamber? That wouldn't accomplish their goals of preserving their cultures. They'd be forced to open dialog. It's basically the same ending, except Spock gets to be the hero hacker.

yr: 2267
sd: 3192.1
ad: 23 Feb 1967