04 September 2007

Tarantino (2005)

2005 - CSI: "Grave Danger" - As with E.R., this is another show that I hate but watched a lot due to the wife turning it on. A decade after his last TV effort, Tarantino puts a deeper stamp into this show than he did prior. Tarantino writing the story in addition to directing probably helped in this regard.

What did he accomplish? He buried -- The Bride-style -- one of the leads and got him to cry like a baby. He hired the always-great B-actor John Saxton… then blew him into little bits. He used Tony Curtis and Frank Gorshin as colorful background characters in a casino scene. He refrained from any close-ups of feet. In short, it was much more entertaining than a typical episode of this series.

This definitely fits between Kill Bill and Grindhouse. (7/10)