24 June 2008

Toxie's Triple Terror-o-rama-thon

I've been thinking I don't have enough bad movies in my collection. Not bad-bad movies; no one should ever own garbage like Wolves of Wall Street or Crash. No, I'm talking good-bad movies: poorly shot crapfests with hammy acting, visible monstersuit zippers, nonsensical stories and a just enough entertainment to make it all worthwhile. I'm gonna fix this. I picked up all 7 volumes of the Toxie's Triple Terror series. These box sets -- produced through an unholy alliance between Troma and Brentwood in 2004 -- each give you three flicks culled from Troma's vast bad movie vault. It's a 21-movie crapshoot. What've I got? Is it 21 movie's worth of sheer boredom or 21 movies filled with the bad-movie goodness of excessive nudity, gore and cheeziness? I'm gonna watch 'em all to find out.

Ratings will be on the new Melvin scale. It's currently calibrated to
= Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
and down to
= The Beast of Yucca Flats.