25 June 2008

TTT: Demented Death Farm Massacre... The Movie (1971 / 1986)

Ah, redneck horror movies. I love 'em. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Redneck Zombies, Two Thousand Maniacs, Mother's Day, Deliverance: the drunk, insular and uneducated are a gold mine for terror. Which makes this flick kind of interesting. Though the main redneck is a drunk, Bible-quotin' bastard, you actually start to feel sorry for the guy when four jewel thieves move into his shack, screw his wife and try to steal his moonshine business. When he gets these (slightly crossed) puppy dog eyes after the city-slickin' thieves shove a gun in his face, you can't help but root for him a bit. Some of that sympathy disappears when you learn he bought his hot wife from her father for $200, but hey, that's his culture.

Schlockmeister Fred Olen Ray bought the movie in '86. Besides changing the title to Demented Death Farm Massacre... The Movie (to differentiate it from Demented Death Farm Massacre... The Salad Dressing, I'd imagine), he also shot a handful of minutes of John Carradine as The Judge of Hell. Randomly, the movie cuts to this frail, 80-year-old as he spouts biblical verses ("Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword," "The wages of sin is death," etc.) vaguely related to what just happened in the movie. I can't tell if this is horribly annoying or one of the coolest parts of the movie.

Great character actors, halter tops, a still and a rusty pickup make for a good-bad movie (even better if you have a jug o' shine).

aka Death Farm
aka Hillbilly Hooker
aka Honey Britches
aka Little Whorehouse on the Prairie
aka Moonshiners' Women
d. Donn Davison & Fred Olen Ray