21 September 2009

6WH: September 21st

Dawn of the Dead (2004) directed by Zack Snyder
Mrs. K inexplicable hates the Romero zombie movies, so she was loathe to give this one chance until I mentioned it was more like 28 Days Later than anything. That it had the husband from Medium in it didn't hurt, either. I knew she would like it: the fast zombies actually scare her.

Me, I don't particular care for them. Might as well be a living people on PCP, for all the difference it makes. Still, despite the speedy undead and a general distaste for remakes, this flick is entertaining. I guess I'll always be a sucker for a post-apocalypse, especially when it involves hiding out in a mall. It helps that the story doesn't bother to replay the well-loved original beat-for-beat. It just rips off the title and location and runs in a different direction with it. Ving Rhames kicking some zombie ass? Count me in whatever it's called. (8/10)