23 September 2009

6WH: September 23rd

Crazy Eights (2006) directed by James K. Jones
The second Horrorfest flick of the season ain't even in the same universe as the first. Told in a tedious J-horror style, this is the tale of six old friends discovering the horrible secret of their past. Unfortunately for the audience, we're already mostly aware of what happened to them as kids. Watching six idiots slowly piece together this mystery is the pretty much the opposite of fun. Granted, the location they find themselves trapped in -- an abandoned hospital of some sort by the look of it -- is quite cool. Watching the gang wander the place aimlessly, piecing together their inexplicably vague memories of their childhoods... not so much. Even as the ghost of their old friend begins to pick them off, things don't really pep up. Someone dies, they wander around the hospital some more, someone else dies, etc. Pepper in some gaping plot holes, bad acting, a complete lack of characters to care about and you've go an awful movie.

Well, it was good to see Dina Meyer outside of Starship Troopers, anyway. (4/10)