21 June 2004

Cronenberg (1967-1969)

Last night, I started my Cronenberg Chrono-Marathon: I’m going to watch all of his movies in chronological order during the next few months. Of course, I don’t have everything (as far as I can tell, most of those 70s Canadian TV shows are unobtainable), but I’ll work with what I got. Mini-reviews for what I’ve watched:

1967 - From the Drain – Nearly unwatchable copy courtesy of the now-defunct Cahiers du Cinema website. Typical college short with a goofball flair Cronenberg doesn’t let show too often. Due to my copy, I couldn’t tell if that was a closet full of shoes at the end. If so, the film has the standard sci-fi ending of "this is all part of a terrible cycle."

1969 - Stereo – I can see how it would bore some people to tears, but I found the social science textbook-style dialog to be fascinating, especially considering it was all about a made-up subject. This is also clearly a proto-Scanners: telepathy as a connection of nervous systems, drilling a hole in your head to relieve psychic pressure, a secret company training/studying the telepaths...

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