24 June 2004

Cronenberg (1975-1976)

1975 - Peep Show: "The Lie Chair" – I have a feeling this was just a paycheck. A bad Twilight Zone story married with some pretty bad lighting. There were a few specks of gold, like the random fascination with safe-cracking.

1976 - Teleplay: "The Italian Machine" – This didn't feel like a complete story; I wish it were longer. It had some great, great characters in it. There are hints of Cronenberg's machine-flesh obsession as well, particularly in the art collector's taste in art.

1976 - Rabid – This is probably the world's first stem cell horror movie. I like how subtle the cause for the disease was. There's no big revelatory scene near the end of the movie where the protagonist figures it all out; the audience has to put the pieces together themselves. Plus, a porn star raping people with a combined penis-anus in her armpit is always an interesting idea to throw in a movie.

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