01 December 2006

MST3K (519)

519 - Outlaw - I was curious and now I know. This episode won the 1993 Peabody Award for Outstanding Quality Programming because it's damned funny. I'm glad I saved this one to watch with a friend. We both enjoyed some hearty laughter after watching what we both considered to be a depressing documentary.

Not knowing anything about this episode (other than the award), the Mitchell-level riffing was a pleasant surprise. Ground stabbing, '80s hair, hinders everywhere, Jack Palance with neat hats and one of the most annoying characters in MST3K history give the guys plenty of material to work with. I also think this episode would make for a great double feature with Cave Dwellers, which is another strong show with a very similar movie.

"I'm supposed to be some kind of freaking wizard." This line, from the "Palance on Palance" host segment, had us both cracking up long after the segment had finished. After watching Jack parade around in his silly outfits for the entire movie, this was the perfect window in his likely state of mind about the part. I almost never laugh this hard at a joke from a host segment. I'm going to insert this line into conversations tomorrow to make my friend re-crack-up over it.

I liked most of the host segments in this episode, in fact. The "Tubular Boobular" song was incredibly well-written, funny and expertly performed. The quick montage of "buffalo shots" in the final host segment was, clearly, the only logical item to comment upon after surviving the intense rumpage of the movie. Frank, dressed as a Roman, and Dr. F, dressed as a caveman, dancing together was a delicious bit of silliness reminiscent of the host segments from Pod People.

Wow. Two all-time favorite episodes in one season: one with Joel and the other with Mike. Way to conquer the difficult host replacement thing, guys!

"Cabot!" (9/10)

film d. John "Bud" Cardos (1987)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (11 Dec 1993)

[watched with Chef Gregory Jay after traveling through a helluva winter storm]