13 December 2006

MST3K (521)

521 - Santa Claus - It's the second (and final) special Christmas episode of the series. I like that I got to watch it at the appropriate time of year. I'm in the mood to watch Christmas movies anyway, so one wrapped inside of an MST3K episode sounds particularly delicious. The big question is: which one was better? During future Decembers, am I going to pull out Santa Claus Conquers the Martians or this episode? I gave 321 the very same numerical rating that I ended up giving 521. If forced to choose, I'd have to say that I slightly prefer 321 over 521. The Martian stuff is just too bizarre not to love and there's just way too much international singing at the beginning of this movie.

This was the first episode I ever got Mrs. Kernunrex to watch with me. Well, she was awake for 2/3rds of it, anyway. Whenever I'd suggest watching an ep before this, she'd just groan. This time, I sold it as "a Christmas movie that was also a MST3K episode." That seemed to work. She appeared to enjoy it, chuckling just as much as I did. We both laughed loudly at the utterly insane "cackling, mechanical reindeer" scene. She also commented about how clever the lyrics to the theme song of the show were, which is something I just take for granted at this point.

It's a Christmas musical bonanza, with three of the host segments dedicated to songs. This is appropriate, seeing as how most Christmas specials on TV are musicals. The prologue segment features a hilariously tragic attempt at a carol. I love it when the bots go to pieces. The first host segment features Santa Kläws performing "Whispering Christmas Warrior." Mike and the bots put together a spookily accurate representation of an '80s new wave band. This segment also displays the most camera movement I've seen in the show so far. Usually the most we'll get is a zoom, but they pulled out all of the stops to imitate the camera gyrations of a music video in this one. The third host segment features a successful attempt at a carol, the all-inclusive "Merry Christmas - If That's O.K.", which Mike unsurprisingly sings beautifully.

The Brains read my mind. All throughout the movie, I kept thinking "wow, I'd like the see Santa kick Pitch's ass." Wish granted. Thanks Paul Chaplin and Kevin Murphy for making my dream come true!

"Well, he was here alright. This is definitely Santa scat." (7/10)

film d. René Cardona & K. Gordon Murray (1959)
mst d. Jim Mallon (24 Dec 1993)