21 December 2006

MST3K (601)

601 - Girls Town - The umbilicus is certainly no hexfield viewscreen. When that essential component of the SOL was introduced, we were treated to -- still -- one of the funniest hexfield appearances ever. In this season premiere, the umbilicus generates a boring set of host segments from the Mads and a tired pie-in-the-face gag. I can't really see how it'll be too useful for the show in the future. Was there a great need for Mike and the Mads to swap physical objects? I suppose I'll find out.

The "Honor System" host segment almost seemed like a leftover from the Joel era. In it, Mike brings his snack tray out from hiding and declares that bots can have one piece of candy per day on their honor. Servo eats the entire tray offscreen, of course. It felt like a classic "Papa Joel" segment, with the human trying to teach the bots a lesson as if they were children. I think the Brains are still trying to figure out Mike's relationship with the bots.

"Bet they're all on the same cycle at Girls Town." Crow, gross... Anyway, I was happy to find myself laughing at the riffing after the mediocre season finale yesterday. It helps, I think, to have a load of actors and characters begging to be razzed. The bubble-chinned Mel Tormé, the torpedo-chested Mamie Van Doren, the impossibly wussy Paul Anka and the coo-coo-crazy chick that's in love with him all fuel some great riffing.

Look at all of the writers listed in the credits now. I wonder why they hired all of the new faces? I really can't tell the difference between the writing in this episode as compared to similarly humorous ones from season five. Did they need to fill out a softball team?

"You'll have to check those at the desk." (7/10)

film d. Charles F. Haas (1959)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (16 Jul 1994)