23 July 2008

TTT: The Dark Side of Midnight (1984)

The Dark Side of Midnight is unintentionally hilarious so consistently, the experience of watching it is a lot like a good episode of MST3K. My chuckling began when the first victim prepared for bed by stripping down to her... one-piece swimsuit. Later, the man pictured on the right is described as a "sex maniac" and "regular Don Juan" by the chief of police as the chief allows his own daughter to be seduced by this man in his own home. This maniac just happens to be director/writer/producer/star Wes Olsen, who wrote himself to be the country's foremost expert on serial killers and oven-cooked steak.

Most amusing, however, was the acting. You just can't fake bad acting like that seen in this film. Such a thing requires a certain level of earnestness -- the poor people are just trying so damned hard -- to make the awkward delivery and unnatural rhythms truly funny.

Also: mustaches! If you like mustaches -- and who doesn't like a mustache? -- you'll love this mustache-filled film. Ain't barely a man in this movie not sporting at least a minor soup-strainer, villain and hero alike. Do yourself a favor and grow one today!

Anyway, I'd just like to personally thank producer/director/writer/editor/star/sex maniac Wes Olsen for creating such a wonderment. Thank you, sir, for the good times.

aka The Creeper
d. Wes Olsen