27 July 2008

TTT: Play Dead (1985)

I like Yvonne De Carlo and I like the other post-Munsters bad movie I've seen of hers, so I hoped Play Dead might not be as boring as the copy on the back of the DVD case made it out to be. I wasn't so lucky.

De Carlo plays Hester, who, even after her sister's death, is still pissed sis stole her man decades ago. Logically, she casts a black magic spell over a pet rottweiler and instructs the beast to make her niece and nephew's lives hell. It does, but not, you know, as you would expect with a rottweiler. Rather than ripping out throats, Greta the satanic dog pushes people into traffic, drops curling irons into bathtubs and pours lye into glasses of water. In-between killings, the dog also spends a lot of time staring at naked people.

The only interesting part of the film -- well, outside of the dog's voyeuristic tendencies -- is the police detective trying to solve all of the mysterious murders surrounding the niece. He's quirky in a sorta Columbo kind of way, but just can't get to the point where he'll accept the dog as the most likely suspect.

Other than that: yawn city.

aka Killer Dog
aka Satan's Dog
d. Peter Wittman