27 July 2008

TTT: Nightmare Weekend (1986)

One type of good-bad movie might be categorized as schizophrenic. They aren't insane on purpose, but some combination of scripting and editing and the director's choices on set lead to a film that only flirts with sense. If the subject of the movie is half-way entertaining, this only enhances the bad movie experience. Such was Nightmare Weekend, which is ostensibly the tale of a super scientist experimenting with artificial neurons to repair violent animals and his evil assistant who takes things too far.

There's a sentient hand puppet named George that lives in the scientist's daughter's room. He talks to the scientist's supercomputer through a ColecoVision. There's a biker bar filled with '80s frat house rejects, including a walkman-sporting guy who never stops dancing to his music. Did I mention that the artificial neurons are formed from personal items into little silver spheres that home in on person's mouth? No? That happens a lot. All of this is chopped together into a story hanging on the boundary of intelligible. Here, here's a clip that sums up the whole film:

Loved it.

d. Henry Sala