21 October 2008

6WH: Oct 20

Puppet Master II (1991) directed by Dave Allen
Maybe slightly better than the first. We learned why the puppets are so fond of killing people: obviously, it's because the puppet master requires brain matter to make the secret formula that gives them life. Good ol' Buck Flower plays a redneck who doesn't get nearly enough screentime or lines. The scene where his wife battles Leech Woman and Blade was pretty cool, though. The life-sized dolls that Toulin creates for himself and his love are always creepy.

Torch really doesn't make sense as a new puppet, though. If Toulin needs to collect uncooked brain matter, replacing Tunneler with a flame-throwing doll wasn't wise. In fact, he even yells at Torch for the cooked brain material he brings back from the redneck cabin. A puppet with, like, a drill on one hand and an icecream scoop on the other would've served him better. But, complaining about plot holes in a Puppet Master movie is probably nonsensical itself. (6/10)