11 October 2009

6WH: October 11th

Week 4 begins... the halfway point of Halloween season.

Silver Bullet (1985) directed by Daniel Attias
This would be a great first "real" horror movie for a kid. Aged ten or eleven, I'm thinking, would be a good Silver Bullet age (about the same as the main character). Though it's rated R, it's really not excessively gory. Well, there's some werewolf scratchin' and punching of heads off, but it's all sufficiently rubbery-looking to not be too scary. Plus, as I mentioned, the main character is a kid, himself. Stephen King always writes children really well. Marty in the movie, though paralyzed, gets to do all kinds of cool stuff 11-year-olds dream of: shooing off illegal fireworks, racing around on a custom motorcycle, climbing out the window in the middle of the night to have fun, shooting a werewolf with a silver bullet... And, I suppose, in the end this film teaches the valuable lesson that not all priests are kind to children. Can't learn that one soon enough. (7/10)