09 October 2009

6WH: October 9th

The Mist (Black & White) (2007) directed by Frank Darabont
I was skeptical of the idea, which is why I watched the color version first, but I now agree with the director that the black & white version is better. In his intro, Darabont kept mentioning how it reminded him of the B&W '60s horror movies he saw as a kid. I'd go back further than that; I kept think of the '30s and '40s Universal horror movies. The starkness of the image gives it that classic feel. It could just as easily be the wolfman emerging from the fog as an interdimensional monster. The mist itself looks really good in grayscale, as well. Now it seem as though its swallow the color and life out of everything. B&W also helps to hide the fakeness of the CGI, which is a nice bonus. (8/10)