27 October 2009

6WH: October 27th

Perkins' 14 (2009) directed by Craig Singer
We seem to be going to greater and greater lengths to make non-zombie zombie movies these days, I see. First we had disease as in 28 Days Later and now we've got brainwashed kids hopped up on PCP. Pretty soon we're going to swing back around to where it all began and it'll be voodoo drugs again.

Horrorfest III had been on a pretty good streak lately. I was wondering the next completely crappy movie might show up. The premise behind the film isn't bad. A man kidnaps 14 kids from families in his home town and keeps them drugged and brainwashed for ten years. They escape from his house and start massacring the folks in town, including their own family members. We hardly see any of this, though. The film is so focused on the police officer main character, we're never allowed to see how the town is reacting to this nightmarish invasion. As far as we can tell, the movie should be called Perkins' 3: Feral Children vs. Morons in a Police Station.

Bad acting, bad plotting, a couple of good gore F/X. It's not really worth me thinking about any more than this. (4/10)

After the crappy movie, I decided to read every Halloween (the movie) comic book ever written:
  1. Halloween, Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes, Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes (Chaos, 2000-2001)
  2. Halloween: One Good Scare (halloweencomics.com, 2003)
  3. Halloween: Autopsis (Paranormal Pictures, 2006)
  4. Halloween: Nightdance #1-4 (Devil's Due, 2008)
  5. Halloween: Sam (halloweencomics.com, 2008)
  6. Halloween: 30 Years of Terror (Devil's Due, 2008)
  7. Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode #1-2 (Devil's Due, 2008)
  8. Halloween: White Ghost (halloweencomics.com, 2009)
The Chaos comics attempt to connect the continuities of H6 and H20. It's a noble effort, but Busta Rhymes and H8 kick all of that work in the nuts. Numbers 2-7 were written by Stefan Hutchinson. Man, he's a great horror comic writer who really understands the Halloween universe (he should, he directed a documentary about it). He gets right into the psychology of his protagonists in a manner rarely seen in horror comics. I can't say the same about Greg Mitchell's "White Ghost," which fills in the incredibly important backstory of the ill-fated mechanic Michael Myers obtained his coveralls from (seen in the first movie as a corpse for all of 3 seconds). It's too bad Devil's Due's "restructuring" has seemingly killed their Halloween comic line (it's been a year and still no issue #3 of TFDoLS). I was looking forward to more from Hutchinson.