09 October 2005

Gordon (1990-1992)

1990 - The Inquisitor - Great set, great actors, great story. Lance Henriksen, as always, absolutely buries himself into the role of Torquemada. The rack, the hot seat, the iron maiden, burning at the stake: we cover all of the appropriate medieval tortures here plus some Poe-inspired ones as well. With Castle Freak, the highest quality film Full Moon ever saw. One question: what's up with that codpiece?

1992 - Fortress - Exciting, fun sci-fi action. In a strange way, the futuristic version of The Inquisitor: a husband and wife are hopelessly imprisoned with a cruel and impotent warden desiring the wife. This is also two of two sci-fi films by Gordon with a reproduction subtext. In Robot Jox, society encouraged everyone to breed as much as possible; the opposite is the case here. Also, finding porn in other people's dreams is an excellent idea.

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