12 October 2005

Yuzna (1996)

1996 - Tarzan: The Epic Adventures: "Tarzan's Return" - One of those Z-grade genre TV shows that crop up on cable all of the time. This one is characterized by very poor fight scenes, typically cartoonish mid-90s-era TV-budget CGI, and an actually fairly cool depiction of the world in the center of the Earth. Andrew Divoff, as always, is fun to watch, but the rest of the cast is pretty forgettable. I would've thought they were setting up the golden gateway to be a Sliders-style story generator, but by the end of the show it looks as though Tarzan is leaving it behind. I'd be curious to see what other places the unused gems in the gate lead to, and whether Divoff made his return from the center of the Earth. Not a good show by any means, but it did get my curiosity up.

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