25 October 2005

Gordon (closing thoughts)

That takes me up to the present. I'm finished with Stuart Gordon for a small amount of time, until Edmond arrives in theatres and "Dreams in the Witch-House" arrives on DVD (sorry, Showtime, I don't plan to subscribe just for one series). I have to admit, I am not looking forward to Edmond. I've already described how I am not a fan of plays. I'm also not a fan of David Mamet. After a bunch of recommendations, I rented Glengarry Glen Ross recently and was not impressed (talk, talk, talk). The clip of Edmond that I saw online looks to be similar. "Witch-House", I'm nervous about... only because it has to stand in Dagon's shadow. Other than that, I am geeked that Gordon is doing more Lovecraft-inspired work.

Gordon's one of the great, unappreciated directors in horror. I'd bet most every non-horror-nut-regular-Joe would have an inkling of who Wes Craven or John Carpenter is. Those same folks would never be able to come up with the answer to "who directed Re-Animator"? Which is a shame, as Gordon has barely ever struck out at bat. Of his twelve films, I would peg only Daughter of Darkness and Space Truckers as strikes. Most everything else have been solid base hits, with Dagon and Re-Animator being homeruns. Apologies for the extended metaphor (in honor of the one Gordon film I couldn't find).

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