05 October 2005

Yuzna (1989)

1989 - Society - Two-thirds of the movie is a serious film about a high school kid either going insane or uncovering a conspiracy in high society. During the last third, the movie takes such a hard left turn into absurdity that you almost feel violated. It's not an easy change to get used to; the movie you invested 60 minutes into simply disappears. Eventually, as absurdity piles onto absurdity -- seeing someone turn into a literal butthead (and then cracking that very joke), or seeing someone get their head pulled through their ass -- you just have to crack a smile. In a way, the entire movie is like one of the jokes my Grandpa always tells. His jokes always start out sounding plausible and end up with a one-liner that takes you a beat to catch. I do think the script for this film could've used some tightening up: I didn't feel like it built properly towards Bill's realization and Milo, given his importance in the last third, should've showed up more in the first two-thirds. And, in the end, I think They Live said what Society was trying to say, but better.

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