23 October 2005

Yuzna (1998-2000)

1998 - The Dentist 2 - Breaks the unwritten rule of horror sequels that calls for a higher body count. In fact, this film more much subdued than its predecessor in general; it takes a while for Feinstone to truly snap. The journey to that point has the absurdly fun tension that only a horror movie can have. I *know* the good doctor will go nuts at the end and start mutilating mouths. I wince when he snaps at his banker friend or accuses Jamie of being in love with Robbie. I wince not because I'm afraid he's going to go "dental" on them, but because he's endangering his new life in Paradise. Once again, Corbin Bernsen does an excellent job of portraying the arrogant, psychotic Dr. Feinstone. Until the very lost shot, this is a solid slasher film. The last shot, however, leaves a sour taste: it's far too silly for to match with the preceding movie.

2000 - Faust: Love of the Damned - The first half of the movie is quite good. Nice shots, nice music, interesting plot, interesting characters. As soon as Faust appears, dressed in his rubbery, wiggle-horned suit, things go downhill. His Ichi-style slaughtering of people was fun, but the character itself just looked and acted a bit goofy. Seems clear from what was on screen and what I've read that there just wasn't enough money to create what the script/comic called for. Jeffrey Comb's character's inexplicable 180 near the end, as well as Jade falling instantly in love with John, suggests a lot of character development was left in the editing room or was unwritten. As Yuzna was also creating the Fantastic Factory studio at the same time, the film's shortcomings are understandable. Extra bonus point for Screaming Mad George's excellent transformation of Clair into -- literally -- pure "TNA".

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