16 May 2006

Marx (1935)

1935 - A Night at the Opera - Made at MGM and Zeppo-free, still this film still feels like a Marx Bros. movie to me. It probably has a slightly more standard plot than the Paramount films, with more concentration on the two lovers than ever before. There was probably slightly more of the soundtrack dedicated to sappy loves songs as well, but the regular doses of comedy helped alleviate that quite well.

I was glad to see the return of the Harpo and Chico musical numbers. It was particularly great to see, what appeared to be, the kids' authentic joy at watching the Bros. perform. Their smiles at Chico's fingerwork on the ivories were as entertaining to behold as Chico's actual fingerwork. I chuckled loudly at the kids' reaction just to Harpo's appearance, which made them all break out into laughter. You could see also the Bros.'s joy at performing for the kids. Hopefully, we'll see more like this in future films.

Favorite moment of the film: the look on Harpo's face when the cooks on the ship continue to pile food upon food on his plate. (7/10)

d. Sam Wood & Edmund Goulding