31 May 2006

MST3K (K11)

K11 - Humanoid Woman - Wow. As soon as the movie got into space, I had no idea what the hell was going on. It could've been that the riffing was interrupting important plot points, but I think it's more likely that this movie is hard to follow in its original form. There was yellow pollution everywhere. There was a dwarven bad guy alien. There were people with fancy beards hanging down one side of their face. Most of all, there was killer foam with bad vibrations. A lot of killer foam. If I don't have nightmares about this killer foam tonight, I will be very disappointed.

I think JatB were just as mystified as I was, as the riffing was sparse in this episode. It was not one of their finer moments, even in KTMA terms. The host segments -- which I looked forward to just for some brief respite from the psychological onslaught of the movie -- were brief and not terribly funny. This Sandy Frank feature does not make an appearance in season 3. That's too bad. It would've been interesting to see JatB tackle this movie with the absolute full strength of their wits.

I have given up hope of ever seeing the voicemail return. (5/10)

film d. Richard Viktorov & Nikolai Viktorov [as Richard Victor] (1981)
mst d. Vince Rodriguez (29 Jan 1989)