30 May 2006

MST3K (K10)

K10 - Cosmic Princess - (aka Space: 1999: "The Metamorph" + Space: 1999: "Space Warp") I think Joel must have flipped the "riff" switch on Crow's back to "more" because this is the first time Crow has seemed like himself since this KTMA stuff began. He's finally talking as much as a cable-era episode and he's actually funny like Crow should be. I'm pleased to see this piece of MST finally fall into place after watching frozen Crow and untalkative Crow occupy the SOL for the past six episodes.

Servo continues to interrupt Joel's jokes, which grates my cheese. I much prefer Joel's humor to Josh's. Half the time the laid-back, soft-spoken Joel is about to make a crack, the then-teenaged, very loud Josh butts in with his own thought. He's gonna have to get a lot better before I'll feel sorry when he leaves 1.5 seasons from now.

This episode was also aired on the day of Super Bowl XXIII, which JatB mention as Crow and Servo tackle each other. Man, they beat the hell out of the bots in these episodes. I notice that Crow just got a new paint job after walking around with white "freezing" speckles for weeks. Servo trashed his right shoulder in this ep. I wonder if they'll repair that before K11 or let it slide like Crow's paint?

Still no callers. (6/10)

film d. Charles Crichton & Peter Medak (1976)
mst d. Vince Rodriguez (22 Jan 1989)