21 May 2006

MST3K (K06)

K06 - Gamera vs Gaos - Things are starting to fall into place. The jokes are much more frequent this outing; I probably laughed more during this episode than during K04 and K05 combined. And, finally, Josh got me to crack up a few times. The voice changing routine he did with Joel was actually funny and showed some comedic skills on Josh's part. It didn't hurt that Servo's new voice is more like Kevin Murphy's and less like Pee-Wee Herman's. I think this is the episode where Servo first gets his first name, which Josh uses with delighted aplomb every chance he can.

My prediction from K05 was correct! A caller did ask about the missing Servo. There was some robot name confusion on the caller's part and Joel went over why Crow was frozen again instead of explaining Servo's whereabouts. The caller prior to that complained about having two Gamera movies in a row. I've been wondering about that. Did playing five of these films in a row drive away new fans? And, why are they out of order? Season 3 fixes both of these problems. I wonder if the complaining caller tuned out and taped over his copies of K01-K03 due to his disappointment?

You have to love the boy calling to invite JatB to his birthday party. Joel setting up a "Happy Birthday" banner on the SOL and Servo wishing him well: this is what makes MST3K special.

Towards the end of the movie, my sister-in-law and her 8-year-old daughter joined me to watch. SIL is the same age as me and laughed frequently as Gamera battled Gaos. Surprising to me, my niece giggled at one of the jokes herself. When Gamera was about to dump Gaos in the volcano, Joel makes a crack about roasting a chicken which made her crack up a bit. Maybe there's hope for future fans? (6/10)

film d. Noriaki Yuasa (1967)
mst d. Vince Rodriguez (18 Dec 1988)

[watched at Brother-in-Law's house using an Xbox 360]