18 January 2007

MST3K (610)

610 - The Violent Years (w/ Young Man's Fancy) - There was a good crop of weird, funny host segments in this episode. In the prologue, Servo dons a ventriloquist dummy's head, scaring the hell out of Crow. You can't go wrong with a good bot freak-out. This is followed by everyone singing their own theme songs. I like Crow's theme for Mike the best: "Mike. Ma-ma-ma-Mike. Ma-ma-ma-Mike. Ma-ma-ma-Mike, Mike, Mike..." That is followed by the Mads' new radio station with it's classic advertising line "Turn Your Crank to Frank." Coming after that, Servo spends a solid half-hour dressed in a red wig and screaming/crying into a microphone. Mike follows up by dressing as Keanu Reeves. Strangest of all was the final segment, in which Crow and Mike reenact the gas station robbery scene. This involves them not moving and Mike standing with a really bizarre posture. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed every host segment, but there it is.

There was some good-and-funny riffing in this episode as well. One of the riffs from this episode I know I'll be chuckling over tomorrow at work. It was a "call a character a name" riff and was ever-so dead-on appropriate. To the left, I proudly present a picture of Count Juggula.

"Thank goodness for my electric dress." (8/10)

film d. William Morgan (1956)
short d. Donald H. Brown (1952)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (8 Oct 1994)