24 January 2007

MST3K (614)

614 - San Francisco International - I like the randomness of the Mads' portion of the prologue. For absolutely no discernible reason, they pretend they're building contractors. Shirtless and rough-around-the-edges, the pair discuss drywall and then hug. It's a nice change from the standard "here's your [funny description of the movie name], [funny name for Mike]" intro. "Deb is private stock, man."

I wasn't particularly keen on the trio of Urkel segments that followed. It sort of suggests that they couldn't think of anything to do with this show, so they just had a bunch of guest characters do walk-on cameos to laugh at Mike in his nerd costume. I kept waiting for a point to the sketches that never seemed to come. At least my beloved favorite Torgo made a rare appearance, even if it was as the buzz-killing, long-awaiting punchline.

The riffing was at its best when it was directed at Davey. Poor, plane-stealing, unloved Davey. Any comments about how his soon-to-be divorced parents blamed him for their separation got a laugh out of me. Even better were the "you're going to die" riffs while Davey was trapped in his airborne puddle-jumper. "Oh, and Davey, when you die, there's only a dark nothingness awaiting you."

Trace: nice work on the abs, man.

"I hope I'm dead 'cause my pants are full." (7/10)

film d. John Llewellyn Moxey (1970)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (19 Nov 1994)