22 January 2007

MST3K (613)

613 - The Sinister Urge (w/ Keeping Clean and Neat) - The uneven season six continues with its scheduled low ebb. All of the guys' humor-energy must've been completely exhausted after the miraculous salvage of the last episode's movie.

After the strong showing involving BBQ sauce and underwear last time, the host segments in this show were terrible. In the prologue, the guys throw Gypsy a shower for no reason. Each give her pinking shears as a gift. The gag wears itself out immediately, but it takes five pairs of scissors before they're finished with it.

The rest of the host segments were dedicated to Frank's Speed-influenced bombing plot. Other than finding this series of continuity-bound segments humor-free, I also hated that everyone was acting out of character. Ostensibly, Mike and the bots were trying to save Dr. F from Frank's bombs to save their own trapped-in-space hides. Still, it was just odd to see Dr. F and Mike conversing so casually. Worse, Frank actually sent a bomb up to the SoL. In fact, the only bomb that detonates explodes on the Satellite. Frank would never do this. I can see him trying to hurt Dr. F in that playful "let's kill each other" way they have, but Frank has never been evil, mean or even unpleasant to Mike and the bots.

I got a few small laughs from the riffing. These were mostly courtesy of the unpleasant, gravel-voiced lady. Other than that, the comments were pretty lifeless. Again, I think their riff-energy was used all up making 612 work.

Sadly, the best part of this entire episode wasn't technically a part of this episode. The introduction on the Rhino DVD by the humorously incoherent Conrad Brooks was, by far, the most fun to be found here.

"Use pumice on your tender nipple buds." (6/10)

film d. Edward D. Wood Jr. [as E. D. Wood] (1960)
short p. Hal Korel (1956)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (5 Nov 1994)