31 January 2007

MST3K (618)

618 - High School Big Shot (w/ Out of this World) - "Hey, can I split your top and butter your buns?" Out of this World, in stark contrast to the last industrial short shown, is one of the best short subjects the show has tackled. I consistently laughed when the guys inserted violent mob-style threats into the reformed bread delivery man's conversations and made fun of the Dr. Smith-style devil's speech. The sugary niceness of the short was perfect for Mike and the bots to pepper with humorous animosity. "You tellin' me how to run my store?" One question: just what the hell does DuPont have to do with bread?

The movie was even more of a bummer than The Girl in Lovers Lane, if that's possible. Unfortunately, the guys didn't do quite as well rescuing the gloom with funny comments. There wasn't a "Big Stupid" here; just a pathetic geek with weird lips and his doomed dad.

The host segments were nothing to crow about this time out. There was a Jurassic Park take-off, Mike and the bots selling some not-as-clever-as-expected specialty breads, a bit of slapstick about Gypsy's diary and some egg puns. The only host segment to really get my attention was the one in which Servo drinks a chemistry set potion and turns in a Hulk-like giant Servo. A man-sized Tom Servo is a strange sight to behold. It was also briefly entertaining to see his huge silhouette in the theater. Wisely, he quickly reverted to normal size and intelligence. "Servo kill" isn't exactly quality riffing.

"I'm running you in, lady. You're under arrest for impeding bread delivery." (7/10)

film d. Joel Rapp (1958)
short p. Jamison Handy (1954)
mst d. Jim Mallon (10 Dec 1994)