02 May 2007

MST3K (1006)

1006 - Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues... - I liked the part of the film on the river. With the warm weather finally holding, maybe this is just reflective of my desire to go on a canoe trip. I think that part of the film held some potential. If they'd just started the film there, this could've been a kind of Deliverance with both rednecks and bigfeet as the monsters in the woods. Old Man Crenshaw's just about the coolest character yet seen in a MST3K episode. I think I'll rent some other Charles B. Pierce flicks just to see what he did with ole Jimmy Clem in them.

"Dr. Batch. This fall." The riffing was serviceable. Like the last episode, it seemed to lack the energy and density of earlier shows in the season. I wonder when the crew found out that they were canceled? I can see that having a depressive affect on the show's production.

We haven't had a song in a while. Brain Guy's "song" was fairly clever. Like a classic, storytellin'-style country song, it begins with a really long introductory dialogue spoking in a down-home, folksy manner. The song itself consists of just one line: "There's a creature who lives in the swamp," after which Brain Guy abruptly stops his a-singin' and a-pickin'. Funny, though I kinda liked the song and would've liked to hear the complete version.

"It's a poop emergency. She snaps into action." (7/10)

film d. Charles B. Pierce (1983)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (9 May 1999)