17 May 2007

MST3K (season ten closing thoughts)

Goodbye, season ten.

Jason in a comment said that he thinks the crew found out about their cancellation during 1004. I can see it. The first three episodes of the season were very strong. I was hoping to see the show go out at a full gallop. When 1004 hit: averageville for the rest of the year. It was a bit disappointing, but understandable all the same.

I think this season's host segments were probably the worst of the entire series. Though, even to the very end I still looked forward to the break from the movie they provided, next to none of them ever got me to laugh. Also throughout the season, they kept throwing out implications that Brain Guy was secretly gay. I guess that -- given his prissy accent -- I can see how that idea came about. Still, this doesn't seem like MST3Kish humor to me (especially the host segment with the rest stop condoms from 1011). Then again, that tack worked pretty well for two entire characters on Arrested Development.

I really liked the movie selection for this year, though. Cheezy, 1950s-style horror movies were kept to a bare minimum of one. There was a return to the late-1960s troubled youth genre, which we hadn't seen in years. One episode was a daring experiment, which I appreciated. All but four movies were horror/sci-fi films from the '70s, '80s and '90s: my very favorite decades for bad movies. It was the season of MST3K riffing on the type of crap the Sci-Fi Channel normally plays late at night, anyway. In a strange way, that brings the show full circle to its roots at KTMA where they did exactly the same thing.

Next: closing thoughts for the whole series. But, first, I need a few days of distance. Luckily, camping this weekend will provide that.

The Numbers

Total Length
21 hours, 9 minutes, 55 seconds
(92 min average for 13 episodes)
(77 min average for 1 special)

Years Spanned
(1977 average)

Shorts Years Spanned

Time to Watch
24 days
Time to Broadcast Originally
161 days

Attack of the Giant Chin
1001, 1004 (15%)
Attack of the Were-
-fish 1005, -mooninite 1007, -bat 1010, -spider 1011, -worm 1012 (38%)
Black and White to Color Ratio