30 April 2007

MST3K (1004)

1004 - Future War - I liked Mary Jo's description of the scene with the cardboard-and-tape "camera" carried by the movie's TV cameraman as "heartbreaking." It's sort of a good description of the entire movie. They tried -- they really did -- but just not very hard. Then again, the director was also the SFX guy who created the finger critter in Bride of Re-Animator, so he gets some bonus points for that.

"This is because Joel stopped by recently, isn't it?" quips Crow as Mike makes shadow puppets on the movie screen using toys during the credits of the film. Ah, I knew it! That's why Mike did the pool cue gag a couple of episodes ago. I wonder if, after 1001, the writers began reminiscing: "remember when Joel used to..."? I'm not complaining.

"A Macy's balloon! Oh, it's you." Pretty good riffing this time, though it seemed a tad lighter than recent episodes. Still, any crack about the beefy guys from the halfway house always got me to laugh. "May your road be paved with sausages."

"Fred Burroughs! Help me!" (7/10)

film d. Anthony Doublin (1994)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (25 Apr 1999)