23 April 2007

MST3K (913)

913 - Quest of the Delta Knights - As with 611, a Mad takes a turn in the theater during the first section of the movie. For Pearl, this isn't technically a brand new concept. She visited during the 1st summer movie special and was rather annoyingly obsessed with George Clooney. For this episode, I think she did a slightly better job at the theater riffing than Frank did during his season six shot. It might just be that her delivery is closer to Mike's style than Frank's, is all. Still, for both episodes, I'm glad the Mad experiment only last for a part of the movie.

The riffing, with Mike or Pearl, was OK. I was surprised at their restraint: there was hardly any "huzzahs!" or references to sales of mugs made of tanned cow hide in the entire show.

Nice to see a visitor to the hexfield. Those are far too rare in the Mike era. The guest was even a character from the movie this time, traveling in an appropriately themed spaceship. Just like old times! Bill did great as the long-lived Leonardo da Vinci, currently a made man from Queens.

As for the movie itself: I have never seen that much urine thrown on someone in my entire life. Yuck.

"I accidentally put a sign on myself that read: 'slave for sale.'" (7/10)

film d. James Dodson (1993)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (26 Sep 1998)