02 April 2007

MST3K (901)

901 - The Projected Man - "Funding intrigue!" The pretty much describes the entire movie. It's the thrilling excitement of Brute Man-style "monster aimlessly wanders a city" action combined with the thrilling excitement of scientists applying for grants. I could barely keep my eyes open. I remember having the same problem the last time I watched this one. I don't imagine I'll ever be giving this a third try. Why this was picked as the season opener, I have no idea.

Ahh, the host segments are back to normal. That's nice. Pearl's converted herself to a mad scientist. Everyone is back on Earth (or Earth's orbit) in the present time. Mike and the bots are basing their host segments on small bits of weirdness picked out of the movie. It all feels right. I especially liked the "Calling Lembach" host segment, which felt old school. It wasn't as fun as their call to Megaweapon (what a great guy), but it was in that vein. If only Lembach had stayed!

"Your knickers, perhaps?" (6/10)

film d. Ian Curteis & John Croydon [as Ian Curteis] (1966)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (14 Mar 1998)