07 November 2006

MST3K (501)

501 - Warrior of the Lost World - "Look! It's a graduation photo and he's dreaming of Fred Williamson." Rapid-fire riffing ensures plenty of laughs for this episode. The guys attack the subject matter with more energy than I've seen lately. There was an impressive lack of silence in their commentary, culminating in Servo's tour-de-force at the end of the movie in which he names every single person in an entire bleacher section. In the tradition of Cave Dwellers, this was a stellar start to the season.

The riffing that had tears coming from the corners of my eyes was the section dedicated to Megaweapon. Dear, sweet Megaweapon. When Megaweapon runs over that damned jive-talking motorcycle... that was the happiest moment in my recent life. I was cheering right along with the guys. I was thrilled and not entirely unsurprised when an entire host segment was dedicated to "the most interesting character in the movie." Real stand up guy.

I'm also a fan of the "Things to Do Post-Apocalypse" host segment. Normally, the "list of funny things"-style host segments aren't my favorite, but I have a particular affinity for the subject matter after reading The Stand a few too many times.

Gypsy: "Hey, why aren't you in your super-charged cycle?" Joel: "Oh, shut up! Just shut up!" Thus begins the wildly speculative reading-way-too-much-into-it analysis of any interactions between Joel and Gypsy during host segments. This was, indeed, the only contact between the two during the twelfth episode before Joel takes a hike. Pretend anger, or was Joel telling Jim to "just shut up" about his ideas for the future of the show? Aww, I can't even convince me of that. Joel doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

"Oh, now he's the mayor of Loserville." (8/10)

film d. David Worth & Fred Williamson [as David Worth] (1983)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (24 Jul 1993)