23 November 2006

MST3K (TD93)

Turkey Day '93 - I'm sure the fans that got to go to Debbie Tobin's MST3K costume soirée thirteen years ago had a lot of fun. For them, it was the premiere of Mike's first episode. That must've been interesting: watching that controversial show with a group of fans so dedicated that they made their own costumes and flocked hundreds of miles to this thing. For those of us not in on the fun, however, this is a disappointing Turkey Day. The knowledge that we could've had more segments from the Brains if Comedy Central hadn't been so cheap sort of dampens any goodwill I might've had for this year's offering.

I think that the lineup of episodes is my favorite of all six of the Turkey Days. I'm not a big fan of Crash of Moons or Fugitive Alien II, but all of the other episodes are solidly humorous.

24 Nov 1993
18:00 505 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
20:00 423 - Bride of the Monster
22:00 424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate
25 Nov 1993
00:00 422 - The Day the Earth Froze
02:00 318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
04:00 308 - Gamera vs Gaos
06:00 313 - Earth vs the Spider
08:00 319 - War of the Colossal Beast
10:00 507 - I Accuse My Parents
12:00 417 - Crash of Moons
14:00 412 - Hercules and the Captive Women
16:00 420 - The Human Duplicators
18:00 512 - Mitchell
20:00 513 - The Brain That Wouln't Die
22:00 517 - Beginning of the End
23:59 514 - Teen-Age Strangler

Comedy Central also filmed bumpers with the fans for more episodes than those above. It seems like they didn't finalize the marathon lineup until the very last minute. Other potential candidates were 401 - Space Travelers, 402 - The Giant Gila Monster, 403 - City Limits and 405 - Being from Another Planet.

Even though the bumpers for this Turkey Day aren't my favorite, it was fun to watch them on the actual, for-real Turkey Day. I don't think the other people in the house really understood why I was watching these episode intros filled with be-costumed geeks, but they were busy making food and working on a bathroom addition to notice much.

Is it wrong to find the female Joel at the costume party attractive?

"Joel appears to me to be fairly sleepy. Um, he's funny, but he's just got that Garfield, half-eyed look, whereas Mike seems to be more energetic. I expect to see a lot of energy and humor coming out from Mike." (5/10)

cc d. ?? (24-25 Nov 1993)

[watched at Brother-in-Law's house using an Xbox and an HD LCD TV (not that this helped this DVD conversion of hazy, second-generation VHS)]