23 November 2006

MST3K (516)

516 - Alien from L.A. - This is the most recent film MST3K has tackled yet. It's strange to think that this movie was brand new when the KTMA season premiered. It's also strange to think that a mishmash of Jules Verne, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome would be the vehicle to a launch a supermodel's acting career, but here it is. And, it's nice to see Thom Matthews getting himself some solid, post-The Return of the Living Dead work as Kathy Ireland's subterranean boyfriend. Good on yah, mate.

"Well, it was 'round about that time that old Kathy Ireland went a-burrowing for safety deep in the bowels of the earth." Nice riffing in this one. The movie provides plenty of bizarre sights and sounds (that voice!) to comment on. A special medal of honor goes to the writers for coming up with an effective method for defeating the incredibly long credits. There is no way they could've sustained the usual "make fun of people's names" thing during those. I guess I'm glad to find that I did not recognize, nor have seen many of, the chick flicks that Mike and Servo use as barbs in their war of words.

Favorite moment: Mike trying and failing to do the "heel click" thing whilst singing "My Wild Irish Ireland." I'll have to keep this episode in mind as a St. Patrick's Day activity in the future.

"The whole room smells like my eyes." (7/10)

film d. Albert Pyun (1988)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (20 Nov 1993)

[watched at Brother-in-Law's house using an Xbox 360]