08 November 2006

MST3K (502)

502 - Hercules - Ow, ow, ow! It really looked like Frank took a crack on the head during the invention exchange. I'm sure that Dr. F's portable desk wasn't really made out of wood, but -- yeesh -- that looked like it hurt. If anything, the Best Brain guys are far better with the fake hitting thing than the ridiculous fights seen in the last movie.

I'm disappointed that there was no reference to the funeral from the last Herc episode. The guys were so excited to be done with them forever and here's another one. Shouldn't that get a response? I don't think the Mads' experiment is working very well at this point.

Compared to the sequels we've watched previously, this first Hercules film is terrible. It's barely even a Hercules movie at all. Herc spends a significant amount of time powerless and off-screen on a ship while other people have fun with Amazons. This really should've been called Jason and the Argonauts, as that's the story being told. Well, that's close to the story being told. I'm fairly sure -- I'd have to look it up -- that there weren't any dinosaurs in the original myth.

Crow's bizarre one man production of an episode of Match Game was a risk for a host segment. I don't think it succeeded. Luckily, I'm familiar with this slice of '70s kitsch courtesy of the Game Show Network. Still didn't find the host segment particularly funny. Nor did I enjoy any of them this time around.

Reading too much into things: Joel seems kinda bummed in the final host segment. In character, he asks the bots to get him some soup, but he really looks less than energetic. I wonder exactly when Joel decided to leave the show?

"Hey, my turd bag's full over here. Could you empty this thing?" (6/10)

film d. Pietro Francisci (1958)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (17 Jul 1993)