15 November 2006

MST3K (508)

508 - Operation Double 007 - Wow, James Bond's brother! Waitaminute... they call him Neil Connery in the movie, but that's the actor's real name. Shouldn't his last name be Bond in the film? Or is James Bond just a secret agent name and M's favorite agent's real name is Sean Connery? At any rate, it's clear I will need to track down the real DVD for this flick. Who knew my Bond collection was incomplete and that I was missing the movie that properly belongs before You Only Live Twice? How can I possibly follow the Bond storyline without knowing what 007's brother was up to during this period? (It is kind of cool that I watched this episode on the very same day Bond 21 opened in its native England.)

Another dubbed movie, another ninety minutes spent utterly lost. I still have no idea what the atomic carpeting factory staffed by blind Arabs had to do with anything. I did note that Largo / Beta managed to invent the very same weapon that the giant vegetable in It Conquered the World invented. All of that's not too important, as the riffing in this experiment was strong enough to carrying the movie.

Best inter-episode continuity ever. When Torgo interrupts Frank's accordion performance to deliver the pops he'd left in the car back in 424, I was dying. Let's see, that was 8 episodes ago but back in a previous season. In real time, it took Torgo seven and a half months to walk to his car and back, or 225 days. Awesome.

♪"Their cars broke. / Their horses / will poop on the parking lot."♪ (7/10)

film d. Alberto De Martino (1967)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (11 Sep 1993)