22 August 2006

MST3K (308)

308 - Gamera vs Gaos - The KMTA repeats just aren't working for me. The riffing during them just seems lighter than during the non-Sandy Frank episodes. It's a bit disappointing, as I think these terribly dubbed movies are kind of fun on their own. I also keeping waiting for and being disappointed by the non-appearance of the famed "Gamera" song. Maybe next one?

My favorite part of the episode was Joel's arts and crafts host segment. Crow and Servo go all 305 during the beginning of the segment, mentioning yet more detective shows from the early '70s I've never heard of nor seen (Hec Ramsey, The Snoop Sisters, Banacek and McMillian and Wife). After that, it was smooth sailing with pure comedy. I wonder if this segment was born out of the knowledge that so many young kids watch the show? Did they ever worry about the more adult riffs they threw out there because of this? It all comes out in this segment (the answer: nope). "The word for today is booger."

Other ways to snuff Gaos? Hmm. I think I would construct a giant saw. I'd use this saw to cut off Gaos' feet once a night. After a year or so, I'd gather all of the severed feet in a huge net, haul 'em with a helicopter over Gaos' layer, and drown him in his own limbs.

"Ok, let's face it. He likes blood, but not the way you make it." (6/10)

film d. Noriaki Yuasa (1967)
mst d. Jim Mallon (27 Jul 1991)